Collaborative Webinar Series

Clients will be given the opportunity, through the Collaborative Program Series, to participate in live monthly webinars covering topics following the sequential order of the online program.

Professional Consulting Services

HMS will meet with clients to determine needs and customize a constructive program; support will include, but not be limited to, the areas of new school set-up, effective marketing, teacher evaluations and retention, curriculum enhancements, bi-lingual programs, and parent communication.

Training Workshops

Teacher and parent educational programs will be offered on a variety of topics. Workshops will be designed to meet the State requirements for faculty. Parent education will foster school community and improve parent involvement and subsequent retention.

Job Placement Services

Clients will have the opportunity to utilize our services to find skilled candidates to fill staff vacancies in an efficient and timely manner. Those seeking job employment may submit resumes for consideration and placement.  HMS will guide the process, screen the candidates and facilitate a match. 

Inventory Consignment Services

Schools with excess furniture and/or materials may use our consignment services to sell items online generating additional income and space. Schools in need of materials may use our services to shop for items at a fraction of the cost of the Montessori manufacturers. 


HMS will offer services to arrange for long or short term mentoring for faculty needing additional support.  We will match the needs of the faculty member with mentoring candidates who possess the experience, skill set and knowledge necessary to foster confidence and competency.

In-Home Consulting Services

HMS will work will families who desire to practice a Montessori life-style at home.  We offer services to consult parents about their child’s developmental stages, needs, and appropriate learning environments.