Holistic Opportunities for Parenting Effectively

Getting parents on board can be challenging, but essential to reaching the children we serve. The main obstacle impeding parental support is typically lack of understanding of our approaches and desired outcomes for their children. Successful parenting, regardless of the many personal successes the parents may have achieved over their personal and professional lives, will undoubtedly be the most challenging. H.O.P.E. (Holistic Opportunities for Parenting Effectively) is a comprehensive training series that fosters a level of confidence and competence in parenting that bridges the gap between home and school and draws huge benefits for parents, faculty and children alike. It increases retention for both families and faculty by creating a strong community of adults working together towards a common goal. Due to the many demands on educator’s/school’s time and resources, a school cannot always provide a formal parent education program however, I have found them to be an invaluable tool to winning the support of parents. I encourage all school leaders to consider implementing a parent education program, such as H.O.P.E, as an investment in your school for which, I believe, you will reap huge rewards.

Montessori at Home

Helping to foster lifelong independence and confidence Children learn by doing. In this workshop, we will show simple ways to help your child be independent which is critical to all higher learning.

All Hands on Deck

Introducing family teamwork and chores Children who understand the importance of teamwork in the family at a young age will be better prepared for a successful career.

Postive Discipline

The dos and do not’s in redirecting behavior Every action results in some type of reaction. Learn how to get the reaction you desire from your child when you redirect.

Athletes Wanted

Understanding the important lessons on and off the field Win or lose the experiences of playing organized sports are many that help prepare children for success.

A Beautiful World of Cultures

Helping children to understand and appreciate diversity Children must understand cultural differences in order to respect them. Learn how to foster and instill that understanding at a young age.

Cool It Down

Managing pre- tantrum behavior Tantrums are a sign of built up frustration. Learn how to cool down the temper before it erupts.

Father -Daughter Relationship

Understanding the importance and evolution of the bond A father’s influence in his daughter’s life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions of men.

Executive Functioning Skills

Supporting the development of skills for success These skills are the “CEO of the brain” allowing children to set goals, plan and execute them. Their sharpness impacts school and everyday life.

Cool It Down

Understanding the delicate relationship of his first love A healthy relationship between a mother and son is imperative for his full development and emotional health. Learn the ways in which a mother influences her son’s life.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Learn how to get the most out of these short , but critical meetings Many parents feel like outsiders when it comes to their child’s education. Learn how to prepare for these short meetings to get the most out of the conversation and set the stage for future meaningful conversations .

Show Me the Money

The importance of teaching children how to start and maintain a healthy relationship with money This is an area of parenting that leaves a lot of room for improvement . Today’s young adults are finding themselves in crippling debt they do not understand. Learn how to start teaching your child about money and how it impact their lives.

Lawn Mower Parenting

The new version of the helicopter parent..how much is too much? These parents are raising children who believe the world revolves around them . Protective or damaging? What is our parental responsibility to raising a child who can handle failure?

Purchase the Whole Series for $4,500. Includes 12 two hour presentations at your school and follow-up. Purchase Individual Modules $450. Includes two hour presentation at your school and follow-up.