Holistic Montessori Solutions, is a consulting firm, specializing in Montessori leadership and administration. The managing partners are actively working on establishing a comprehensive leadership training package in addition to offering a vast number of ancillary services. HMS provides support and encouragement to new and current school owners, Montessori administrators and those wishing to establish a career in Montessori education or those in the market to purchase or to found a Montessori school.

Utilizing the Montessori philosophy, HMS‘s programs guide the delicate process of transitioning leadership theory into practical application of skills.

We offer a broad on-line training package that includes easy to follow tutorials covering skills fundamental to school leadership and management. Supplemental webinars will also be available to expand upon subject matter and address specific questions. Access to recorded webinars will be included in our resource library. Our clients will be afforded the opportunity to interact directly with the authors of the program as well as experts in specific related topics.

In true Montessori fashion, the leadership training program can be customized to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles, experience levels and guidance needs. The program is designed to allow participants to work at their own pace and concentrate more heavily on subject matter in which they feel most vulnerable while working more quickly through subject matter in which they feel most confident. All the training can be completed in the privacy of our client’s home or office at his convenience.

The inspiration for the concept of HMS came from the positive feedback received following our presentations at Montessori conferences and workshops. Training for Montessori leaders is critical for the preservation of Montessori education, yet there are very limited resources due to the constraints of time, money, distance, cost and specificity of subject matter.
HMS also offers numerous services and resources to help address challenges common to all school leaders such as job vacancies, student attrition, excess inventory, state licensing acquisition and retention, teacher and parent education, fund raising, community building, mentorships, just to name a few. A complete listing of services can be found on our website as well as links to detailed information.


They say, “It is very lonely at the top.” HMS is there to keep you company and to lighten your load.  Become the competent leader you aspire to be and let us give you the key to open your own door to success!